About Competiwatch

I built Competiwatch because I got tired of tracking my games in Google Sheets each competitive season. I wanted to add a new chart to my usual spreadsheet template and it was a pain because that's the nature of spreadsheets.

I was also tired of worrying every time I looked at a past season that I'd click in the wrong place and drag-n-drop data and screw it up.

Seriously, add a column here, a list of values there, set a specified column range, insert a graph... who's got time for that?? So of course I built an app that took way more hours but was also way more fun to build. :3

This app was built using Ruby on Rails, Primer, Devise, Chart.js, HTTParty, and many other nice libraries. You can view its source code on GitHub and contribute if you like; it's released under the MIT license.

If something isn't working or you have a suggestion, you can contact me by opening an issue.



Any data you log in Competiwatch, I have access to. I generally don't care about it, but I thought you should know that I can look at it if I want to. So uh, don't put your passwords in the 'comment' field when logging a match.

Signing into the site via Battle.net just lets me know you for-real have a Battle.net account. It also lets me use tools like the OWAPI to get your profile icon.


This app is a hobby of mine. I may shut it down without warning, stuff may break. It's provided "as is", without warranty, because I hope others will find it useful, but I make no guarantees. See also the source code license.